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About THORChain

THORChain is a decentralized liquidity network that enables trustless, cross-chain swapping of cryptocurrencies without relying on any centralized intermediary. It allows users to exchange assets across different blockchain networks in a fast and secure manner through its native THORChain token. The project aims to provide a truly decentralized and censorship-resistant alternative to centralized exchanges, while also promoting greater liquidity and interoperability in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

About $RUNE token

RUNE is the native token of THORChain, a decentralized liquidity protocol that enables cross-chain swaps between different cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries. The protocol aims to provide a fast, secure, and efficient way for users to trade assets across different blockchain networks. As the primary medium of exchange within the THORChain ecosystem, RUNE serves as a tool for incentivizing liquidity providers, paying transaction fees, and governing the network through its community-driven decision-making process. With a fixed supply of 500 million tokens, RUNE has gained significant attention from the crypto community due to its potential to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) by creating a truly interoperable and decentralized trading environment.

How to buy $RUNE with a payment card

1. Enter the amount of $RUNE and fiat currency that you wish to purchase.

2. Verify your phone and email.

3. Enter or create $RUNE wallet

You are given the option to enter your $RUNE wallet address or create one using the Swipelux widget.

4. Pass KYC flow

This verification process helps protect you from fraud and other malicious activities.

5. You're now ready to buy $RUNE with a credit and debit card.

$RUNE analytics

Market Position and Adoption: RUNE is a decentralized exchange (DEX) token that powers THORChain, a liquidity protocol built on the Cosmos ecosystem that facilitates cross-chain swapping without intermediaries. With a current market rank of #82, the token is listed on several major exchanges and has garnered over 255,000 watchlists on its website. THORChain's platform aims to address the liquidity problem by allowing users to swap digital assets from one blockchain to another without the need for centralized exchanges or wrapping tokens.

Technology and Platform: THORChain is built on the Cosmos ecosystem, and the THORChain protocol includes the following components: THORNode, a validator node that validates transactions and secures the network, THORChain Bridge, which enables cross-chain communication, and BEPSwap, a DEX built on THORChain. The protocol utilizes the RUNE token as a means of payment for transaction fees and liquidity provision. THORChain's multi-chain approach is one of the key factors that sets it apart from other DEXs, making it a unique and promising project in the DeFi space.

Team: The THORChain team is composed of experienced developers and advisors who are passionate about building a decentralized financial infrastructure. The project is led by CEO Chad Barraford, who has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and is a co-founder of THORChain. The team has received support and backing from top investors in the blockchain industry, including Multicoin Capital, DeFiance Capital, and others.

Competition: THORChain's main competitors in the DEX space include Uniswap, SushiSwap, and PancakeSwap. However, THORChain's multi-chain approach gives it an edge over other DEXs, as it provides greater liquidity and a more diverse range of assets. Additionally, THORChain's unique cross-chain swapping mechanism allows it to avoid the challenges of wrapping tokens, which are faced by other DEXs.

Supply: The current circulating supply of RUNE tokens is 327,056,566 out of a maximum supply of 500,000,000. The token has a market cap of over $562 million, with a total value locked (TVL) of $132 million. The market cap/TVL ratio is 4.25, indicating that THORChain has a healthy level of liquidity. The project has also undergone a successful audit by CertiK, which adds to its credibility and trustworthiness.

$RUNE risks

1. Smart Contract Risk: As with any smart contract-based platform, there is always the possibility of code vulnerabilities and other technical issues that could result in loss of funds for users.

2. Liquidity Risk: While THORChain is designed to be a decentralized liquidity network, it still relies on liquidity providers to keep the network functioning properly. If there is a lack of liquidity, it could cause problems for the network and result in price volatility for RUNE.

3. Competition Risk: There are other decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms out there that are competing for users and liquidity. If a better alternative emerges, it could cause users to switch away from THORChain and negatively impact the value of RUNE.

4. Regulatory Risk: As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and evolve, there is always the risk of regulatory intervention. If governments around the world begin cracking down on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, it could negatively impact the adoption and use of THORChain and RUNE.

5. Adoption Risk: While THORChain has gained a following among DeFi enthusiasts and crypto traders, it is still a relatively new platform with limited adoption. If it fails to gain significant traction, it could negatively impact the value of RUNE.

Potential market development triggers

Expansion to new blockchain ecosystems: THORChain's cross-chain capabilities make it well-positioned to expand to new blockchain ecosystems, which could increase demand for RUNE tokens.

Increased adoption of decentralized exchanges (DEXs): As DEXs continue to gain popularity, THORChain's decentralized exchange protocol could become increasingly attractive to users, potentially driving up demand for RUNE tokens.

Partnerships with key players in the DeFi ecosystem: Partnerships with other DeFi protocols, such as lending and borrowing platforms or stablecoin providers, could help to drive more liquidity and demand for RUNE tokens.

Improvement of THORChain's user experience: Improvements to the user experience of THORChain's platform, such as faster transaction times and reduced fees, could help to attract more users and increase demand for RUNE tokens.

Increasing awareness and education of THORChain: As more investors become aware of the benefits of decentralized finance and cross-chain interoperability, increased education and marketing efforts by THORChain could help to drive demand for RUNE tokens.