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Our platform eliminates the need to purchase crypto in order to make purchases.

Simple NFT buying process with Swipelux

Current NFT buying process

Andrii Shapovalov


Swipelux is not only offering a reliable payment solution for our NFT business, but also improving it both for us and our NFT collectors!

Sell your NFT's
with credit cards

Payment methods

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Fiat currencies



Multichain support

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NFT checkout

Quickly and secure purchase NFT

No ID documents

For non-utility NFTs

Any smart contracts

ERC20, ERC2021 and more

Personal admin panel

Organize resources efficiently

Growth with Swipelux

Quickly set up and start experiencing the power of our integration - just three simple steps on the web.

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Easy to set-up

Purchases data

Smart approval rates

Payout 24/7

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