Crypto use warning - Swipelux

Latest update: August 1, 2022

Swipelux is dedicated to providing our users with the best possible experience. But before you start trading or transacting using one of our Services, it's important that we've listed below all potential risks involved in doing so - from security issues and fees charged by third parties like banks for transactions made online through Swipelux services. So please read this carefully.

You should always seek independent professional advice before using our website services.

The terms used in this document have the meaning set out below, unless otherwise specified.

1. Risks arising from properties of Digital Tokens

  • Any Digital Token and the software, networks, protocols, systems and other technology (including, if applicable, any blockchain) used to administer, create, issue, transfer, cancel, use or transact in any Digital Token (the “Underlying Technology”) may be vulnerable to attacks on its security, integrity or operation (“Attacks”), including attacks using computational power sufficient to overwhelm the normal operation of a blockchain or other Underlying Technology.
  • Digital tokens are subject to all sorts of risks, including changes in the technology that underlies them. These changes may include, without limitation, a “fork” or “rollback” of a Digital Token or blockchain.
  • The risks of Digital Tokens are endless. Forks, rollbacks and attacks can degrade or even destroy your investment in a second any time you might thinks it's safe to take out that token always other factors. Rather research thoroughly before committing yourself so far as an outcome becomes certain.
  • Please be careful when sending your digital tokens.Digital tokens can be lost if sent to the wrong address. Make sure you use a valid address.

2. Internet transmission risks and error correction.

The use of our services carries with it certain risks. You acknowledge that there is no guarantee against hardware failure, software problems or connections glitches and we cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred as a result.

3. Regulatory risks

Digital Tokens and assets are difficult to regulate because their status in different countries is unclear. It's also hard for governments or other regulatory bodies who may want change existing laws regarding these items. Swipelux reserves the right to stop providing services in any jurisdiction where it is unlawful or becomes commercially undesirable.

4. Other

By installing, accessing and using the Swipelux app on your phone or other similar device you are accepting all risks associated with these statements. You waive any claim against our company should something go wrong as well as releasing us from liability in regards to those events The following passage discusses possible dangers that could happen while using our service however there's no need for worry. We've factored everything into one risk disclosure statement so peruse through them carefully before signing up because it may save yourself time down future road if something does come about after continue usage.

The user represents and warrants that they have the necessary technical expertise, ability to review security features of any digital tokens purchased through our service. User also accepts responsibility for conducting their own independent analysis on risks specific involved with acquiring these types of cryptocurrencies which can be costly if lost altogether or hacked afterwards.

Swipelux's choice to support or not support transfers of any specific Digital Token through the Services does not imply that Swipelux approves or disapproves of the Digital Token, its Underlying Technology, or the integrity, security, or operation of the Digital Token. Swipelux also makes no representations or warranties regarding any Digital Token supported or not supported by the Services. The risks related to Digital Tokens still exist regardless of whether Swipelux decides to offer Services in relation to a certain Digital Token, and all such risks will be entirely and solely borne by the users.