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About Illuvium

Illuvium is a decentralized, community-driven blockchain game that features collectible creatures, immersive gameplay, and a deflationary economy. The game is built on Ethereum and is designed to showcase the potential of blockchain technology for gaming and entertainment.

About $ILV token

ILV is the native governance token of Illuvium, an open-world RPG game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players can battle and capture creatures to earn rewards and improve their skills. The token is used for governance, staking, liquidity provision, and rewards within the Illuvium ecosystem.

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4. Pass KYC flow

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$ILV analytics

Market Position and Adoption: Illuvium (ILV) is a cryptocurrency token that powers the Illuvium gaming ecosystem. Currently ranked #174 on CoinMarketCap, ILV is on 199,077 watchlists and has a market cap of $159,678,176. The project is focused on providing a seamless gaming experience to players while allowing them to earn rewards and trade their in-game assets. The Illuvium ecosystem has been gaining traction in the gaming community, with a growing number of users participating in the platform.

Technology and Platform: Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging the power of smart contracts to provide a transparent and secure gaming environment. The platform utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent unique in-game assets that can be traded on various marketplaces. The Illuvium team has been continuously improving the platform's technology to ensure a seamless gaming experience for users.

Team: The Illuvium team is composed of experienced professionals from the gaming, blockchain, and finance industries. The team is led by Kieran and Aaron Warwick, who have extensive experience in the gaming industry. The team has been continuously expanding to include experts in various fields, including game design, economics, and blockchain technology.

Competition: Illuvium faces competition from various other blockchain-based gaming platforms, including Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. However, Illuvium has been carving out a unique niche in the gaming industry by focusing on providing a high-quality gaming experience while incorporating blockchain technology to allow players to earn rewards and trade in-game assets.

Supply: Illuvium has a total supply of 7,502,174 ILV tokens, with a circulating supply of 2,335,909 ILV tokens. The maximum supply of ILV tokens is set at 10,000,000. The token's price has been on the rise, currently trading at $68.36, with a 24-hour trading volume of $23,648,098.

$ILV risks

1. Regulatory risk: Illuvium is a decentralized platform that operates in a largely unregulated space. However, there is a risk that regulators may begin to regulate the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which could negatively impact the adoption and use of ILV.

2. Smart contract risk: Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is subject to smart contract risks such as bugs, hacks, and security vulnerabilities. These risks could lead to loss of funds or damage to the platform's reputation.

3. Competition risk: The gaming and NFT market is highly competitive, with many established players and new entrants. If Illuvium is unable to differentiate itself or provide unique value propositions, it may struggle to gain market share.

4. Adoption risk: Illuvium is a relatively new platform, and its success is dependent on user adoption. If the platform fails to attract a significant number of users or fails to retain them, it may struggle to gain traction.

5. Market volatility risk: Like all cryptocurrencies, ILV token is subject to market volatility, which can be unpredictable and extreme. This can result in sudden and significant price fluctuations that can negatively impact investors' portfolios.

Potential market development triggers

New Illuvium Game Features: As Illuvium continues to develop and add new features to their game, it could attract more players and drive up demand for the ILV token.

Expansion to New Blockchain Platforms: Illuvium's current game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, but expanding to other blockchain platforms could increase the visibility and accessibility of the ILV token.

Partnerships with Other NFT and Gaming Projects: Collaboration with other popular NFT and gaming projects could increase exposure for the ILV token and introduce it to new potential users.

Increased Adoption of Blockchain Gaming: As blockchain gaming becomes more mainstream, it could drive up demand for the ILV token as players seek out unique and valuable in-game assets.

Development of a Strong Community: A strong community of users and supporters could help promote the ILV token and generate interest among potential investors and users. Integration with DeFi Platforms: Integrating the ILV token with decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms could increase liquidity and offer new use cases for the token beyond just gaming.