Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms





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About $MUDOL2 Token:

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a BNB Chain based casual RPG mobile game integrated with P2E. We have applied the latest trend in casual RPG while leveraging the successful Hero Blaze's IP. It is the first collaboration with NFT platform and metaverse game KLAYMETA, and we have successfully adopted P2E(Play to earn) in the casual RPG genre.

Enjoy the story of the Three Kingdoms, collect hundreds of generals, and train them through various general training systems such as general summon, general combination, general promotion, equipment upgrade, research, and more in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Through trained generals, you can form the strongest team through general skills, team combination, and formation effects to compete with other players in different battles using your own strategy. Play casually through easy controls, enjoy fast growth and action-packed battles without repetitive gameplay through an Idle system! Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms can be played through the platforms below. Play for free now!

How to buy $MUDOL2 with a payment card

1. Enter the amount of $MUDOL2 and fiat currency that you wish to purchase.

2. Verify your phone and email.

3. Enter or create $MUDOL2 wallet

You are given the option to enter your $MUDOL2 wallet address or create one using the Swipelux widget.

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$MUDOL2 Analytics:

Market Position and Adoption: $MUDOL2 is making its mark in the crypto landscape with over 1.8 million cryptocurrencies and being listed on 657 exchanges. Its current market capitalization stands at $196,025, earning it a rank of #1710. Over the last 24 hours, trading volume amounted to $41,801, representing 21.24% of its market cap. The circulating supply is 11,618,802 MUDOL2 tokens, which accounts for approximately 2.32% of the total supply of 259,057,452 MUDOL2 tokens. The maximum supply caps at 500,000,000 MUDOL2 tokens, providing ample room for future growth. Despite fluctuations in the market, the fully diluted market cap reaches $8,435,679. In terms of market sentiment, the Fear & Greed index currently stands at 50 out of 100.

Technology and Platform: $MUDOL2 operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) with the smart contract address 0x5e7f...61dabc. This underlying technology allows for efficient and secure transactions within the ecosystem. Leveraging this platform, $MUDOL2 integrates itself into various exchanges, gaming, and earning opportunities, enhancing its utility and accessibility for users.

Team: The $MUDOL2 project is supported by a dedicated team of individuals with expertise in blockchain technology, finance, and entrepreneurship. This team works diligently to drive the project's growth and success, ensuring transparency and effective communication with the community.

Competition: In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, $MUDOL2 faces competition from various other tokens and projects. While it operates in a competitive landscape, its unique features and value proposition set it apart and contribute to its ongoing growth and adoption.

Supply: $MUDOL2's token supply is thoughtfully structured to balance the circulating and total supply. With 11,618,802 MUDOL2 tokens currently in circulation, the project has ensured a manageable and controlled token distribution. The maximum supply of 500,000,000 MUDOL2 tokens offers flexibility for expansion while maintaining a carefully calculated approach to scalability and growth.

$MUDOL2 Risks:

1. Market Volatility: Like many cryptocurrencies, the value of $MUDOL2 may be subject to high levels of price volatility. Sudden and significant price fluctuations can impact investor sentiment and the token's adoption, leading to potential losses for investors.

2. Regulatory Uncertainty: The regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is still evolving. Changes in regulations, government policies, or legal interpretations could affect the use and trading of $MUDOL2. Adverse regulatory developments could disrupt operations and limit the token's market access.

3. Competition and Innovation: The cryptocurrency space is highly competitive, with new projects and tokens frequently entering the market. Rival projects could offer similar or superior features, leading to a loss of market share for $MUDOL2 if it fails to innovate and remain relevant.

4. Technological Risks: Blockchain and smart contract technologies, while promising, are not immune to vulnerabilities and bugs. Smart contract vulnerabilities or technical glitches could lead to security breaches, hacks, or unintended consequences that affect $MUDOL2's functionality and reputation.

5. Lack of Adoption: The success of $MUDOL2 relies on its adoption by users, platforms, and partners. If it fails to gain traction and widespread use, its value proposition may diminish, making it challenging to sustain its growth and ecosystem.

6. Liquidity Constraints: Low trading volumes or limited liquidity on exchanges can result in difficulties buying or selling $MUDOL2 tokens at desired prices. This can lead to higher transaction costs, price manipulation, and reduced investor confidence.

7. Project Team and Leadership: The performance and direction of $MUDOL2 are influenced by its team's decisions and actions. Changes in team dynamics, lack of transparency, or disagreements among key team members could impact the project's progress and reputation.

8. Tokenomics and Economic Model: Flaws or inadequacies in the tokenomics and economic model of $MUDOL2 could impact its long-term sustainability. If the distribution, inflation rate, or rewards mechanisms are not well-balanced, it could result in unintended consequences and affect investor confidence.

9. External Factors: Cryptocurrency markets can be influenced by external factors such as macroeconomic events, global financial stability, geopolitical tensions, and technological developments. These factors can lead to sudden and unpredictable market movements that impact $MUDOL2's value.

10. Dependence on Third-Party Services: If $MUDOL2 relies heavily on third-party services, platforms, or technologies, disruptions or issues with these external dependencies could impact its functionality and user experience.